Truckers struggle to find quality parking

Understand the Problem

Truck drivers provide an invaluable service to the public.

Every day on our public highways, trucks are hauling goods from one side of the country to the other, allowing commerce to flourish and allowing consumers to enjoy a variety of products from all over the country and the world.

Driving a truck requires focus and attention and, for long haul truckers, a regular rest is required. This is not just for the safety of the driver - it's for the safety of all who share the road. Yet drivers report a consistent difficultly in finding truck parking where they can rest and feel safe.


"Our experience over the last 18 months in successful operation of the Michigan smart truck parking service puts us in a unique position in this industry!” ~Rick Warner, CEO TSPS

TSPS makes parking better for truckers


TSPS is creating a future where information about safe, convenient truck parking is available real-time to drivers across the entire highway network.

With TSPS, truckers will be able to locate and plan where they can safely park and rest between pick-ups and deliveries. By using the real-time truck parking availability information that TSPS makes available to truckers and the industry through patented methods, truckers can plan their routes more efficiently.

Parking Availability

Know where to find truck parking. Check your route for real-time truck parking information and plan your stops along the way. more >

Parking Reservations

Make sure truck parking is available through your entire run by reserving your spot. more >

High-Security Parking Reservations

Keep your valuable cargo safe. Know where to find available high-security truck parking throughout the country. more >

Lot Management (Sentinel Services)

Provide safe, quality, inviting parking. Make sure your lot is a place truckers want to park, and work with TSPS to direct them there. more >