The trucking industry faces challenges every day

Uncertainty of where and when to park is one of these challenges focused on by transportation agencies and the trucking industry


  • Federal hours of service regulations mandate rest breaks
  • Public rest stop spaces are decreasing every year even as the demand for parking continues to grow
  • Delivery schedules are subject to real time changes


  • Drivers spend significant amounts of time every day searching for parking hours of service as well as parking violations pose risk to drivers and to the traveling public in general
  • Demand for secure parking for high value loads is increasing
  • Uncertainty of parking availability adds stress to a driver's daily routine


  • Real time availability of parking along nation-wide transportation corridors
  • Turnkey installations for public rest areas and private truck stops
  • Options for truckers to reserve a space
  • Additional options for high-security loads


    • Reduction in illegal parking and hours of service violations
    • Increase in driver productivity
    • Improvement in mobility, safety and emissions on the highway network

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